Sellers can see how items perform with Listing Quality APIs

Marketplace sellers can now gain valuable insights into the performance of their items, fetch actionable listing quality data at the item-level, locate the number of items with issues per category, and see their overall catalog’s listing quality score with the new Listing Quality APIs.

  • Get seller’s listing quality score – View a seller’s Listing Quality score for their entire catalog of listings based on metrics for content, discoverability, ratings and reviews.
  • Find categories with Listing Quality issues –  locate all item categories that currently have items with Listing Quality issues.
  • Filter for item listing quality metrics – look at item-level listing quality details such as individual content scores, discoverability score, item offer score (item price, shipping price and speed, and in-stock rate).

What is my overall seller’s listing quality score?

Learn the overall listing quality of a seller’s entire catalog of items. Read the Get seller’s listing quality score guide, and see the Seller Listing Quality Score API Reference.

How can I look at item-level listing quality scores?

To learn how to get item-level metrics, read the Filter for listing quality metrics guide, and the Item Listing Quality Details API Reference.

How can I find out which categories have problems that affect listing quality?

Read the Find categories with listing quality issues guide, and look at the Categories with Listing Quality Issues API Reference.