Order Segmentation by Seller Fulfilled, WFS Fulfilled, 3PL Fulfilled

As a part of the Walmart Fulfillment Services program, we have extended order segmentation in Get Orders APIs to include WFS orders. This will enable sellers to differentiate between own order, 3PL order and WFS order.

Change Summary

1. shipNodeType query parameter will support additional value of WFSFulfilled for Walmart fulfilled orders.

  • shipNodeType can be either SellerFulfilled, WFSFulfilled or 3PLFulfilled.
  • Sellers should use shipNodeType as SellerFulfilled to retrieve only seller orders, and shipNodeType as WFSFulfilled to retrieve WFS orders. To fetch 3PL orders, shipNodeType should be 3PLFulfilled.
  • Default value of shipNodeType will be SellerFulfilled, which means, by default, only seller-fulfilled orders will be retrieved in Get Orders APIs unless shipNodeType is specified while querying the orders.

2. Sellers will not be allowed to acknowledge, ship or cancel WFS orders. If purchase order ID of a WFS Order is provided, the request will result in error. This is to prevent double shipping of WFS orders.

For more details about these APIs, see
Order APIs in the developer portal reference:

  • All Released Orders
  • All Orders
  • An Order
  • Acknowledge Orders
  • Cancel Order Lines
  • Ship Order Lines

To see the updated API specification, see Order Management in the developer portal guide.
For more information about Walmart Fulfillment Services, see the Seller Help Knowledge Base article.