New Shipping Templates APIs and Reports

Introducing Shipping Templates for all shipping methods to let you manage your shipping settings (e.g. service levels, shipping regions, transit times, and shipping rates) across several products at once. The Shipping Templates aim to bridge the gap between promise and actual delivery time by giving granular region level customization capability for your assortment and fulfillment options management.

Each seller account can create up to 15 shipping templates and map specific groups of SKUs to each. 

For detailed information in the Guide, see Settings.

You can now do the following with the new Shipping Templates:

1. Seller can CREATE and MANAGE ship-settings as Shipping Template.

2. Assign custom SKUs to Shipping Template via Bulk Upload/API or ItemSpec.

3. See Item to Ship-template mapping details through Reports.

Refer to the detailed documentation on developer portal for the new APIs.
For complete details about Shipping Templates, see Seller Help Knowledge Base article.