New Order and Auto-Cancelled Order Notifications

To help you improve your order management and fulfil your orders on-time with efficiency, we bring to you Order Status Webhook Notifications. You can now receive automated notifications when a new purchase order is created for you or when your order line is auto-cancelled by Walmart.

To begin getting order notifications, you should first create a Webhook subscription for Orders events (as per details given below). As soon as you subscribe for New Purchase Order notification, Walmart will begin sending you a Webhook notification payload whenever a new purchase order is created. And if you subscribe to Auto-Cancelled notification, Walmart will send you a notification when your purchase order line is auto-cancelled by Walmart. Auto-cancellation is done if order line is not updated to Shipped status with a valid tracking number by Estimated Ship Date (ESD) + 8 calendar days (Refer the KB article here for details).

New Purchase Order Notification :-

Event Type: PO_CREATED

Event Version : V1

Resource Name: ORDER

Auto-Cancelled Notification :-


Event Version : V1

Resource Name: ORDER

You can follow these steps to get started :-

  1. Configure a destination URL where you will receive the notifications.
  2. Create subscription for the event ‘PO_CREATED’ and for the event ‘PO_LINE_AUTOCANCELLED’ by providing destination URL details. Refer the documentation here for details on how to subscribe.
  3. Once subscription is created, Walmart will push the notifications to your destination URL whenever the event occurs.
  4. Send auto-acknowledgment for the notification with an HTTP status of 2xx.

More details on how to get started on Webhooks and other available events for subscription can be found on developer portal here.