Marketplace sellers can update inventory across multiple fulfillment centers

Marketplace sellers can now update their item inventories at multiple fulfillment centers, aka ship nodes with the new Inventory APIs.

Sellers can access accurate Inventory counts that subtract all in-progress orders, so they can see only inventory that is available for sale. The new parameter availToSellQtyprovides inventory available for each fulfillment center.

You can use the new Inventory APIs to accomplish these tasks:

How much of an item do I have in inventory for each fulfillment center?

 To fetch inventory count for one item SKU across one or more fulfillment centers, use Single Item Inventory by Ship Node API.

How can I update a single item inventory across all fulfillment centers?

To update an item’s inventory across one or more ship nodes, use Update Item Inventory per Ship Node API.

How can I update inventory for different ship nodes in one call?

To update all ship nodes for that SKU, use Bulk item Update API.

For more information about how to use the new Inventory APIs, see Inventory API Overview.