Marketplace sellers can set sales restrictions by state or zip code for WFS-eligible items

There is a new requirement to set up items that are eligible for WFS fulfillment. You must indicate item Sale Restrictions by geographic location: State or Zip Code (also known as “State Restrictions). If there are no restrictions, you can set the Restriction Type to “None.” The updated specs provide a StateRestrictions section to provide state code or zip code for all geographic areas that an item cannot be sold.

Provide all States or Zip codes where your product should not be sold for legal or commercial reasons. You have an obligation to notify Walmart of any States where laws, regulations, ordinances etc. prohibit or restrict your product from being sold. Specify items restricted for sale in state or zip code due to laws preventing sale in that locality with StateRestrictionsText ‘Illegal for sale.’

At seller’s discretion, you may also specify any States where you prefer not to have your product sold for commercial reasons. Specify StateRestrictionsText ‘Commercial.’

For item setup and maintenance specs, see Item spec v4
For WFS item conversion spec, see Make items eligible for WFS.
To learn more about State restrictions, see Restrict item sale by state or zip code.