Marketplace: Notifications for Unpublished Offers

Web Hook Notifications will now trigger alerts to your application when specific events occur, such as an item is unpublished. Whenever the trigger event occurs, Walmart will send a notification payload with event details to destination URL defined by you. Web Hooks enables workflow automation and deeper integrations with your systems. You can use Web Hooks to improve the performance of your application by reducing the number of times your application has to poll Walmart APIs within the throttle limits to determine if an event has occurred.

Key Features

  1. Create and manage subscriptions for notifications.
  2. Receive notifications when your offer moves from published to unpublished status.
  3. Test notification to destination URL.

How To Get Started

To start using Web Hooks:

  1. Configure a Web Hook destination URL where you will receive the notifications.
  2. Create subscription for the event ‘OFFER_UNPUBLISHED’ by providing destination URL details.
  3. Once subscription is created, Walmart will push the notifications to destination URL whenever one of your offers gets unpublished.
  4. Send auto-acknowledgment to the notification with an HTTP status of 2xx.

To learn more about Web Hooks Notifications, and all available Event Types, see Notifications Overview in the Guide.
API Specification

More details on how to get started and API specification can be found on developer portal.