New Item Spec v4.0 for Marketplace Sellers

To make it easier and faster for sellers to set up and maintain items, we created a new Item Spec v4.0. This new spec is a complete overhaul of the Item Spec v3.2, that modernizes the Walmart Global Data Model with over 250 new and improved attributes, and better organization to make your products easy for buyers to discover in searches and grouped for ease of navigation in the online shelves. 

For an overview of the benefits, see Item Spec v4.0.
To learn how to use Item Spec v4.0, see Item Object v4.0 (BETA).

Item Object Improvements

  • Attributes are optimized with better data definitions, modern attribute names, and precise organization.
  • Added 150 new product and compliance attributes.
  • Increased buyer search discoverability for your items.
  • More variant group options to organize products in site navigation for better buyer visibility.
  • Added 80 new category attributes.
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) sellers can now use a single setup process with one spec for combined Marketplace and WFS items.
  • Automated product tax code assignment. You don’t need to assign your items to the tax code, item spec v4.0 does that for you!

New Spec Versions and Feeds

The Item Setup API uses three new feed types:  MP_Item, MP_WFS_ITEM, or MP_MAINTENANCE for you to use with the new item spec versions:

  • Marketplace spec  – for Marketplace sellers to set up items
  • Combined Marketplace and WFS spec  – for single setup process for sellers to set up items for use on Marketplace and WFS
  • Maintenance spec – to maintain existing items

To take advantage of the new item management efficiency, make sure to use the Item 4.0 spec and new feed types when you do your initial setup with the Bulk Item Setup (Multiple) API.