Fulfillment Type in Item Report for Marketplace Sellers

To provide better visibility of WFS at item level, a new column ‘FULFILLMENT TYPE’ has been added to Item Report for Marketplace.

Fulfillment Type specifies the method of fulfilment the SKU is set to and can have values – WFS Eligible, Walmart Fulfilled, or Seller Fulfilled.

  • WFS Eligible means item has been converted to WFS program, but still being fulfilled by seller
  • Walmart Fulfilled means item is both eligible and enabled by WFS
  • Seller Fulfilled means item is not eligible for WFS

Item Report URL : https://marketplace.walmartapis.com/v3/getReport?type=item&version={version}

Use additional query parameter “version=3” to access the latest version of the Item Report that includes the new column ‘Fulfillment Type’.