Buy Box change Notifications

Introducing automated notifications when your published items win or lose the buy box or whenever there’s a change in buy box winner or winning price of your items.

To begin getting notifications, you should subscribe to Buy Box Web Hook Notifications. As soon as you do that, Walmart will begin sending you a buy box notification payload whenever you win or lose a buy box. The notification will be only for items where number of offers > 1.

You can follow these steps to get started:

  1. Configure a destination URL where you will receive the notifications.
  2. Create subscription for the event ‘BUY_BOX_CHANGED’ by providing destination URL details. For details on how to subscribe, see Create Subscription API.
  3. Once subscription is created, Walmart will push the notifications to your destination URL whenever there’s a change in buy box for your published items.
  4. Send auto-acknowledgment for the notification with an HTTP status of 2xx.

For Buy Box notifications, use :
Event Type: BUY_BOX_CHANGEDEvent Version : V1Resource Name: PRICE

More details on how to get started on Web Hooks and related API specification, see Notifications in the developer portal guide.