The Walmart Marketplace API provides resources for seller applications to manage items, orders, prices, promotions, inventory and reports on The Walmart Developer Center provides all the tools you need to directly integrate with the Walmart Marketplace API.  To get started, read more.


The Walmart Marketplace APIs use OAuth for token-based authentication.


The Walmart Marketplace APIs use Delegated Access to provide delegated access for each Solution Provider.


Marketplace APIs use Feeds for bulk functions, each feed has an HTTP request with an attached file.


The Item Management APIs enable you to set up and manage items on


You can use the price management APIs to set up and manage the price for a given item.


Grow your business with Insights APIs. Learn which items are top trending Walmart best selling items, and find out reasons that items go unpublished.


The Utilities API allows sellers to get item taxonomy for item category and department for each Item feedType, and search to view all item departments and categories at Walmart.


Sellers can set promotional item prices for events such as clearance sales or to call out a comparison price.


The Walmart Order Management APIs help Sellers to manage customer’s Sales Orders and to stay up-to-date on order fulfillment.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

To convert items for fulfillment via WFS, use the Fulfillment APIs to store your inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers.


Use the Returns API to initiate returns, and the Refund API for refunds.


The Inventory APIs allow you to keep up-to-date inventory for your items on

Lag Time

Use the Lag Time API to get the number of days between when an item is ordered and when it is shipped for a given SKU.


The Settings API provides access to modify Shipping templates, enable multiple fulfillment centers, 2-day shipping, get all 3rd party fulfillment centers and available carrier methods.


Rules Management APIs help you manage shipping rules for your items.

Pregenerated Reports

The Pregenerated Reports API allows you to obtain reports generated as a batch once daily about your items.

On-request Reports

The On-request Reports API (BETA) allows you to request a report at any time, and download it when it is ready.


Use Notifications API to trigger seller app alerts for events such as: an item’s inventory is out of stock.


HTTP Error code categories (e.g. application, system, data), status codes and descriptions.