Drop Ship Vendor

The Walmart Drop Vendor API provides resources for DSVs to scale their business to present items to millions of customers. To set up your your business with Walmart, use the tools and APIs to provide access to manage the items. To get started, read more.


DSV authentication uses the Consumer ID and digital signature for each API call.


Drop Ship Vendor APIs use Feeds for bulk functions, each feed has an HTTP request with an attached file.


The Item Management APIs enable you to set up and manage items on Walmart.com.


Update cost for items. Requires access approval by Walmart category manager to use the DSV Cost API.


The Walmart Order Management APIs help Sellers to manage customer’s Sales Orders and to stay up-to-date on order fulfillment.

Lag Time

Use the Lag Time API to get the number of days between when an item is ordered and when it is shipped for a given SKU.


Order Management APIs help Drop Ship Vendors manage order fulfillment from sales orders and purchase orders assigned to multiple DSVs.


DSV Reports APIs allow you to download daily item reports for all vendor items set up on Walmart platform.


HTTP Error code categories (e.g. application, system, data), status codes and descriptions.