Analytics Dashboard

How can I get to the Analytics Dashboard?

You need to log into the Walmart Developer Portal with your credentials to see the Analytics Dashboard. It provides a custom view for each seller to see their own API success rates and errors per object group.

  1. Go to and select My Account.
  2. Select Marketplace and enter your credentials.
  3. Select API Analytics in the left pane.

How can I view the success rate of my APIs?

You can view the success rates as a percentage of successful API calls for each API group (e.g. Items, Promotions, Orders) with the Analytics Dashboard.

  1. Select which API group you want to view in the graph.
  2. Select a date range to view, with start and end date.
  3. Select a time period Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

The graph displays success rate for each API group you selected as a function of the time period you selected.

How can I view how many errors are 400, or 500 error type?

For each API object group, you can filter the percentage of errors by error type.

Use the Error drop-down to specify which error type you want to view percent errors.

In the object group, (e.g. Items), look at the API Errors column. This shows you the percentage of errors that this API group has for the error type selected, (e.g. 400 errors).

If Items shows 19.59%, this means that for all Item errors, 19.59% are due to 400 error type.



Why does my get Feed Status API return a 404 error?

Walmart stores the feed information for a limited period of time, depending upon the feed type. If you call the feed status API outside of the retention time, you will get a 404 feed status error.

These are the retention days per FeedType:

Item 22 days

Price 25 days

Lag Time 25 days

Item Overrides 25 days

Promotions 25 days

Item Retire 25 days


What are the most common Lag Time errors?

Most common lag time feed errors are due to category-based lag time exceptions that are not approved for the particular category. To avoid these errors, you can revert asking to grant the approval, enable longer ship times or remove the lag time option for your SKUs.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, some sellers add a few days as a buffer for their lag times. This causes some of their items to go over the allowed lag time, resulting in errors.

Why does a service provider get 404 errors for a seller’s items?

If a service provider has a different SKU for an item than the one that a seller has added, they will get 404 errors.

Two possible reasons for an Item 404 error:

Seller has a different SKU integrated for that item than the SKU that the service provider has.

Seller did not add that Item SKU to their Walmart catalog.