Marketplace API Sandbox

Who can use the Marketplace API Sandbox?

The target audience is Marketplace Sellers who are onboarded to sell items on and are integrating their apps with new or existing APIs.

What is the Marketplace API Sandbox?

The Marketplace API Sandbox provides a test environment for sellers to test APIs before they push to production to ensure a successful integration.

How can I access the API Sandbox? How is it different from production APIs?

When you create your API keys in the developer portal, you can also create sandbox API keys.

Marketplace APIs will have new Sandbox-only URLs alongside the standard production URLs. The samples, error codes and reports will be the same as the production APIs.

How can I get my Sandbox API authentication keys?

When you log into the Walmart Developer Portal, it takes you to the API Keys for Production and Sandbox. For more details, see Authorization.

Are there requirements to use the Sandbox?

Yes, make sure you are using the Item Specification version 3.

What are the benefits and scope of the Sandbox?
The benefits to using the Sandbox include:
  • Access simulation APIs that you can call from your applications, in realtime, to test the integration process.
  • Perform basic validations on the feeds, payloads, etc. to lessen data quality issues on production.
  • Deploy with confidence as all test failures occur in a safe environment.
  • Test in parallel with development without hindering project timelines.
  • Try out new features and provide feedback before changes are pushed to production.
The scope of the sandbox environment includes:
  • Marketplace APIs
  • API request and response validation
  • Spec validation
  • Mock responses
  • Throttling limits
  • Error codes
  • Delegated Access
Are there any restrictions to use Sandbox APIs compared to Production APIs?
  • The items will not be seen on
  • Sandbox environment is NOT a full stack staging environment so partners will not be able to do end-to-end testing.
  • Responses are based on mock data.