Marketplace TwoDay Shipping

What is Marketplace Free 2-Day Shipping
  • The program offers qualified sellers a way to offer Free 2-day Shipping to our customers, with dynamic, location-based logic that will automatically display the Free 2-Day Shipping tag on eligible items.
  • Key features of this program are designed to provide sellers with increased product visibility, Buy Box prominence, and regional shipping settings.
  • For more information visit: SellerHelp Walmart
I am using Version 3.1 and need to enable the Free 2-Day Shipping feature. What do I need to do?
  1. Populate the mandatory parameters: Price, Product TaxCode, and Shipping Weights.
  2. Ensure the following element (marked in RED) is present in the payload, along with relevate states (marked in BLUE):


  • twoDayShippingOverride is the final override flag value that determines the payload from FeedGateWay. If this is missing, no “TwoDayShipping” information will be passed.