Getting Started

How do I integrate my application with the platform?
Integrate Your Application with Item Management APIs

Integrate your application with the item management platform by calling the item management APIs.
For setting up an item, use the provided XSDs to build an XML payload to ingest item feeds.

How can I test out my APIs?

Use the API Explorer to test out the APIs: Try it Out.

How do I get started as a Canada Marketplace seller?

Register as a Walmart Seller

To get started with Marketplace APIs, you need to go through the registration process in Walmart Seller Help.

  1. To start the integration process, you need to register Marketplace Seller to get your Client ID and a Secret Key. Go to
  2. Go through onboarding and registration steps in Seller Help Getting Started.
  3. Make sure you have been approved to sell your items on Walmart Marketplace.