The Walmart Marketplace API provides resources for seller applications to manage items, orders, prices, promotions, inventory and reports on The Walmart Developer Center provides all the tools you need to directly integrate with the Walmart Marketplace API. To get started, read more.


Configure shipping delivery and fulfillment settings for your orders.


Sellers can set up offers for sale on Walmart by participating in specific events and campaigns through the Event Management API.


The Walmart Marketplace APIs use a Consumer ID and private key to authenticate with a digital signature in the API header for every API call.


Marketplace APIs use Feeds for bulk functions, each feed has an HTTP request with an attached file.


The Item Management APIs enable you to set up and manage items on


You can use the price management APIs to set up and manage the price for a given item.


Sellers can set promotional item prices for events such as clearance sales or to call out a comparison price.


The Walmart Order Management APIs help Sellers to manage customer’s Sales Orders and to stay up-to-date on order fulfillment.


The Inventory APIs allow you to keep up-to-date inventory for your items on


Get pre-generated daily item reports with the Reports API.


All available HTTP Error codes.

International Shipping

The Ship with Walmart service allows US sellers to ship items to Canada internationally with the International Shipments API.